About Us


Hey there, Brave One! My name is Christiana (that handsome guy is my husband, Kyle), and I'm the crazy lady in that photo up there.  My story -The Art of Bravery's story to be exact - started as many stories do...at the bottom.


It’s safe to say we all can relate to hardship, right? Those trying times that test you. The moments when you don’t know how or when you’ll come through, only that something has to give.


It was from one of the hardest seasons of my own personal life that The Art of Bravery was born. 


Trust me when I say I'm nobody special, just a regular lady who, in 2015, suddenly found herself shaken and rattled down to the very core. In that year, I experienced loss, injury, hospitalizations, job insecurity, and an overall feeling of “what the heck is happening to my life”...


Can you relate?


It was out of the greatest struggle of my life that the most beautiful and life changing shifts began to happen.


>>In late 2015 I decided to attend a health + life coaching program simply to change my habits and learn to be healthy inside and out.
>>In June 2016, I quit my 9-5 corporate job to launch my own business.
>> In February 2017 my husband quit his job to help with my business
>>And in June 2017, Kyle and I purchased that big yellow school bus to transform into our tiny home and travel the country full-time.


In 3 years we’d gone from having our head in our hands, not knowing where to turn next, to now feeling happy, ALIVE, and on the right path. But it took 3 years...3 years of waking up and taking the tiniest of steps in the right direction.


That, my dear friend, is what The Art of Bravery is all about.

It’s not waking up one day and rising to the occasion. It’s not all-at-once choosing to quit your job, travel the world, have that scary conversation, wearing that bikini after hiding it in your closet for years, or doing that ONE BIG THING to change your life or your circumstances all at once.


It’s about rising to every occasion. It’s about taking the smallest but mightiest steps in the right direction. It’s about having the courage to light the tiniest flame of belief in yourself after years of self-doubt. It's about refusing to settle, being true to who you are, and knowing that deep down you were meant for great things.


It's about making a lifestyle of tiny steps knowing that the little things add up to life altering changes.


Here at The Art of Bravery, we want you to be encouraged to know that you don’t have to be fearless in life, you just have to embrace the bravery within you, make small changes, and trust that God has a plan for you. 


Why do we share this?


Because we believe wholeheartedly that when you - flaws, imperfections, quirks and all - step into your destiny, the whole world will change.


To being brave,


P.S. I hope you found that little "About Us" story inspirational, but don't be fooled...Here at The Art of Bravery we like to dish up our personal development, self-help-y vibes with a hefty slice of SASS and humor! To see what I'm talking about, check out Tees + Tanks!